The list of Top 10 awards for branches and states is available online now.  The impact of AAUW programs in each state made possible by these donations can be found by clicking on the state on the branch locator page and then clicking on the link to your state’s Impact Map!

  • North Carolina Impact Map

Congratulations to the following for national recognition of donations to AAUW:

AAUW Wilmington: among top branches in contributions to the AAUW Public Policy Fund, supporting AAUW efforts advocating for laws and policies that are fair to women.

AAUW Raleigh/Wake County: among top branches in contributions to the AAUW Action Fund, the 501c4 arm that is supporting the It’s My Vote campaign

AAUW North Carolina: among top states in contributions and in per capita contributions for the Leadership Programs fund supporting NCCWSL and other programs developing women’s potential to lead.

AAUW North Carolina: among the top states per capita in contributions to the AAUW Action Fund
For details on branch participation in all aspects of AAUW philanthropic efforts see: