STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

STEM – one means for opening doors to new opportunities for women & girls

A primary goal for AAUW NC is our focus on supporting efforts that provide women and girls better opportunities for education and successful careers.

Traditionally, young girls are often advised to take less rigorous studies in high school and college. The goal of AAUW NC STEM support is to provide information and activities that combat cultural stereotypes. AAUW NC has the goal of eliminating gender bias in education and in the workplace.

AAUW North Carolina supports efforts to:

  • Encourage women & girls to pursue STEM studies that allow them to pursue better paying careers.
  • Provide STEM education outreach throughout the state of North Carolina.
  • Assist local AAUW branches to plan and host STEM activities for women & girls.
  • Publicize information about state resources and STEM activities that are planned in North Carolina
  • Encourage AAUW NC branches to host local STEM activities for young girls.
  • Encourage AAUW NC branches to collaborate with other organizations to promote STEM education.
  • Publicize STEM activities and STEM resources at the Annual AAUW NC Conference

The STEM Chair for AAUW North Carolina is Christi Whitworth. For questions about planning a STEM program for young women or to publicize a STEM event, email:

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