North Carolina Legislative Building in the spring

Why A Public Policy Focus?

Public Policy is a multi-prong approach to looking at issues and concerns as they relate to girls/ women living in North Carolina. Research lays the groundwork for investigating these issues and becoming informed, therefore it is the initial step. Providing education to our members as well as the community is another important function of this committee, and can be accomplished through newsletters, letters to the editor, and/or publicly sharing of information. Finally, actively advocating for girls/women with our legislators is crucial if AAUW is going to become a voice for girls/women within the state of North Carolina. Therefore, all three of these functions encompass the important work of the AAUW NC Public Policy Committee.

What does AAUW do?

  • Actively advocates legislative issues that affect girls/women all across North Carolina.
  • Formulates approaches to further support the other founding members NC ERA Alliance and NC.NOW in their efforts to promote the passage of the ERA in North Carolina.
  • Encourages community members to participate in salary negotiation workshops and thus foster the end of pay inequity among women.
  • Creates avenues involving shared partnerships related to advocacy training with the North Carolina Justice Center.
  • Initiates and maintains an active state network among Public Policy Branch Chairs.
  • Initiates a variety of STEM activities for girls/women through grant opportunities, training, and workshops.
  • Facilitates Title IX and educational opportunities for girls/women throughout the state.
  • Co-sponsors events with other North Carolina chapters of various women’s organizations by highlighting women’s issues/concerns.
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Equal Rights Amendment in NC

Recent News in Public Policy and Advocacy