AAUW National Priorities


AAUW NC State Priorities

State Priorities 2023-2024

    • Equal pay
    • Opposition to the use of vouchers to pay for non-public programs that do not adhere to the same civil rights standards as public schools
    • Voting rights

State Priorities 2022-2023

    • Support self-determination of one’s reproductive health decisions, focusing on state abortion policies
    • Support a strong system of public education that promotes denser fairness, equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and to address the barriers and implicit biases that hinder the advancement of women and girls, focusing on the NC Leandro Cape and Title IX
    • Support universal access to quality, affordable health care, focusing on NC Medicaid Expansion

State Priorities 2021-2022

    • Strengthening and vigorous enforcement of Title IX and all other civil rights laws pertaining to education
    • Increased support for and protection of programs that meet the needs of girls and women in elementary, secondary, and post secondary education, including strong promotion of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and comprehensive sexual health education
    • Pay equity and fairness in compensation and benefits
    • Greater availability of and access to a high standard of benefits and policies that promote work-life balance, including quality and affordable dependent care and paid family, medical, and sick leave
    • Passage and ratification of the Equal Right Amendment