Mini Grants are offered to AAUW NC branches to help them finance special projects that promote the mission of AAUW and/or current national and state priorities.  Awards may also be made for branch infrastructure and outreach programs, particularly if they work toward building the capacity of the branch to do community action in the future.

There is no deadline for when grants are due, as mini-grants ae offered on a rolling basis.  Applications will be considered by the Executive Committee, with a decision about the award coming within two weeks of when the application is received.

Grant limits will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee, depending on the justification provided.  Grants may not exceed the amount budgeted in any fiscal year. The following limits apply:

  1. Community action, public policy and social justice projects involving an event or other activity that reaches nonmembers. Limit $500.
  2. Projects that increase branch capacity. Limit $100.