You Have the Power

Virtual Webinar Series

AAUW of North Carolina is offering a virtual series with a monthly program via Zoom on topics that are designed to appeal to women in North Carolina.

The You Have the Power theme challenges the attendees to make a positive change in their communities.

Programs are approximately 1 hour in length.

The series is FREE, however, registration is required. We hope you will join us and invite your networks to be with us, also.

May’s Program

Public Education in NC: Legislative Update & the Leandro Case

Lynn Edmonds

Thursday, May 20, 7 p.m.

AAUW Condemns Anti-Asian Violence

AAUW Spring Vote Begins April 7, 2021

The national AAUW spring election will be April 7 – May 17 this year.

Included in this ballot is a proposal to Open Membership and eliminate the educational requirement for membership. The AAUW Board is bringing this proposal forward again, since “while the degree requirement made perfect sense at AAUW’s inception, this requirement is now counter to our mission, and limits our ability to build the capacity to increase our impact as an organization.”

AAUW of North Carolina’s Board of Directors has approved the following statement encouraging all AAUW members in North Carolina to vote in favor of this amendment to the AAUW bylaws:

The AAUW NC Board of Directors strongly supports the recommended Bylaws amendments regarding membership eligibility in AAUW and encourages all state members to vote in favor of the amendment.

The proposed bylaw change for national AAUW states:

  An individual who supports the AAUW mission and pays annual AAUW dues
  shall be eligible to be an individual member with all rights and responsibilities

  of AAUW membership.

AAUW’s mission is to advance gender equity, yet the current requirement for membership explicitly denies membership to those without a college degree. Maintaining exclusionary membership requirements does not promote equity for all women and girls. We must change this now.

We urge all members in North Carolina to be part of this important change by voting 
YES to the amendment.

Kim Churches, AAUW CEO, will be the opening speaker for the Friday evening session of our Annual Meeting, March 19 at 7:30 p.m. In addition, AAUW NC has scheduled a Town Hall for members on Wednesday evening, March 24 at 7:00 p.m. for questions and discussion about AAUW issues.
Children marching in red, white and blue

End the deadline!

Virginia was the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, but because of an artificial deadline imposed by Congress nearly 20 years ago, the ERA is not yet part of the US Constitution.

There’s a two pronged attack on this deadline:

Watch for updates on this issue that’s long been on the AAUW agenda.

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What We Do at AAUW NC

Collaborate with other NC women’s organizations
Promote salary negotiation workshops for women.
Advocate on public policy issues that affect women, girls, and their families
Promote STEM activities for girls.
Connect branch members through annual conferences, regional meetings, newsletters and social media.
Promote the mission and policies of AAUW.
Support branch activities, programs, and projects.