Monumental Legislation Filed Today!

“Carolina Cares for Children” Bill Filed by Rep. Verla Insko (H1476): A bipartisan effort to help all families in North Carolina afford health insurance.

CALL FOR CO-SPONSORS Write/Call Your Legislator to Encourage Him or Her to Co-Sponsor Bill H1476
Action for Children North Carolina brought together a broad coalition that proposed a plan, called “Carolina Cares for Children,” to cover all children in North Carolina with affordable health insurance. 87,000 kids lack coverage in North Carolina and don’t qualify for Medicaid or Health Choice; a majority of those children are in families above 300% federal poverty level. Today Representative Verla Insko and her many co-sponsors are taking the first step to making coverage for all kids a reality. Parents between 200% and 300% of federal poverty level would pay sliding scale premiums and parents over that income limit could buy into the plan by paying the full premium. This plan would use the same subsidy as proposed by Governor Michael Easley in his budget – $4 million this year and $7 million next year – to subsidize premiums for lower-income families to make sure all parents have the opportunity to pay what they can for affordable coverage. Encourage Your Legislator To Co-Sponsor This Bill Between Now and Monday, April 16!