As has been previously announced, AAUW NC will hold three meetings this fall to minimize travel and increase participation by key members of branches. All meetings will include information on the public policy pilot program as well as other information from AAUW and AAUW NC.

West – Brevard
Saturday, Sept. 17
Coordinator: Karla Atkinson

Central – Statesville
Saturday, October 1
Coordinator: Pat Abell

East -New Bern
Saturday, September 17
Coordinator: Mary Peterson

Branch presidents and representatives from the branches are welcome to attend any of the three fall AAUW NC cluster meetings regardless of the geographic location of the branches. All cluster meetings will begin around 9-9:30 am and end by 2-2:30 pm. These are business/discussion/planning meetings. Prior to the meeting, the specific times and agenda for each cluster meeting will be sent to all branch presidents in that cluster by the cluster coordinator noted below. Please contact the cluster coordinator if you need more information about these meetings. (Find contact information at