Okay, this is a stretch, but if you’d like to get a text message on your phone (or an IM) when something “important” is posted to this web site, try this:

  • Sign up for an account at twitter.com.
  • Click “add device” next to “Notifications” on the right, and add your cell phone or your instant messaging account. [You’ll need to confirm the number/account by sending a message back to twitter, just like most e-mail services ask you to click a link in a confirmation message.]
  • Go to twitter.com/aauwnc and click Follow under the logo.
  • Click the “Home” link near the top to get you back to your profile
  • Click the “Following” link on the right and find the entry for “aauwnc”. Click to turn the notifications “on”.

That’s it. Then whenever an “announcement” is posted to this web site (the articles that are important enough to show up on the home page), you’ll get a text message with the title and the link sent to you. It’s hardly ever more than a handful of messages a month.

Why would you want to do this?

  • You’re not on the e-mail list and don’t want to be — but you do want to know about high priority items.
  • You’re on the e-mail list, but you just don’t read the messages. [Yes, we know you’re out there…] But if something important is posted, you might check it out.

What if you change your mind?

  • Use the web interface to turn off the notification or “unfollow” aauwnc
  • On your phone, send the text message “off aauwnc” to 40404
  • In IM, send “off aauwnc” to the twitter account
  • For more options see the twitter help

Feeling left out because you’d like to do this for e-mail?

  • Go to RSSfwd.com
  • Enter the address “https://www.aauwnc.org/category/announcements/feed/” in the “URL you’d like to subscribe to” box
  • Click the submit button
  • Wait for a sample e-mail message to appear — it may take a minute or so
  • Enter your e-mail address and click whether you want “formatted” or “text-only” messages
  • Click the subscribe button

The beauty of this e-mail solution is that it works for any of the categories in the Updates section on the upper right. Find the RSS link(s) of interest to you (maybe just the e-newsletters, maybe just STEM, maye just public policy) and you can get AAUW NC updates on your own terms.

Let me know if you’ve got comments!