American Association of University Women of North Carolina Policy Statement 

(May 19, 2021)


The purpose of AAUW is to advance gender equity through research, education, and advocacy. The purpose of AAUW NC is to further the AAUW mission, values, and goals within North Carolina and support the branches and members in the state.


In principle and in practice, AAUW NC values and seeks an inclusive membership, workforce, leadership team, and board of directors. There will be no barriers to full participation in this organization based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, geographical location, national origin, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.


A. The organization has a Procedures Manual that clarifies the details of specific positions and responsibilities.

B. The Procedures Manual is available electronically to all members.


Meetings and Voting may be in person or electronically.


A. Branches may be organized by regions to promote communication and collaboration. B. The Branch Advocate is the primary contact.


The work of AAUW NC will be organized into several areas of responsibility. Those assuming the responsibilities will be appointed by the president with the approval of the Executive Committee, and be expected to report to the Executive Committee. A member volunteering to lead one of these efforts may be appointed to the Board of Directors.


A. Board Communication

Outside regular meetings, board members will communicate items related to the whole board electronically.

B. Communicating with Branches and Branch Members

AAUW NC will communicate by electronic means or E-Systems or by any future methods that become available in order to keep in communication with branches and members.

C. Communication with the Public

1. The website provides information to an internal and external audience.

2. An email address will be available for contact by the public.

3. Social Media is used to communicate with the public and members as capacity allows.


A. The Budget

The budget may be modified at any time during the year if there is a need to

adjust it, particularly for new opportunities. Small variances, though, can be reported to the membership in the treasurer’s report.

B. Oversight

1. Quarterly financial reports are provided to the board.

2. Receipts are required to be filed by the treasurer.

3. Debit cards must not be used for cash.

4. Payments not addressed as a line item on the budget must be approved by the executive committee prior to dispersal.

5. Payments that exceed a budget limit must be approved by the president (if less than $100), executive committee ($100-$500) or the board (over $500). An annual review report to the board is due by September 1st following year end.

B. Reimbursement for AAUW NC meetings, products, services, or other expenditures requires pre-approval by the executive committee.

1. Receipts should be submitted within 30 days. Exceptions are reviewed for approval by the executive committee.

2. Any reimbursement amount for mileage and lodging is determined by the executive committee, using current IRS and state government rates as a guideline.

3. If board members waive reimbursement, the expense should be documented and recorded as a donation in-kind.

C. Dues Schedule

1. All members of AAUW NC must pay dues to AAUW NC through a branch.


Requests from outside organizations, individuals or branch members seeking AAUW NC’s endorsement of legislation proposed for consideration by the North Carolina General Assembly may be approved by the Executive Committee.


Official state documents will be archived using procedures outlined in the Procedures Manual.


A. The Executive Committee will review the AAUW NC Policy Statement every two years.

B. The general membership may propose changes to the AAUW NC Policy Statement, following a process established by the Executive Committee to receive and review these proposed Policy Statement changes.

C. Any part of the AAUW NC Policy Statement may be amended, suspended, or rescinded by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors members.

D. Changes will be reported to the general membership through current distribution methods. E. The changes and dates of revision will be recorded in the AAUW NC Policy Statement. F. Record of Changes

1. 19-July-2002 Changed “Duties of Committees”, Paragraph 1, Bylaws.

2. 27-October-2002 Incorporated the Financial Guidelines. Added section XII.

3. 11-October-2003 Revised formatting to number all sections and paragraphs. Changed VIII.E.1 to insert language on first 50 miles (now IX.E.1).

4. 2-October-2004 Added section VIII on Recognition. Modified IX.E.3 on accounting for travel/lodging expenses. Added IX.G on accounting for fundraising expenses.

5. 20-October-2006 Adopted the Proposed Policy Statement for AAUW NC dated October 20, 2006.

6. 28-January-2007 Posted 20-Oct-06 AAUW NC Policy Statement V2 (containing editorial corrections).

7. 20 -April-2007 Added Article X Finances, Section J Dues Schedule. Retitled Policy Statement to remove reference to V2 and re-dated to reflect April 2007.

8. 28-September-2008 Article X, Section F, Paragraph 1 revised to reflect reimbursement of mileage rates based on IRS volunteer rate.

9. 09-October-2009 Added section XV on the Endorsement process.

10. 31-March-2017 Completed revision of AAUW NC Policies after change in structure and transition years.

11. 06-January-2018 Updated Section X. Finances.

12. 19-05-2021 Completed revision of AAUW NC Policies to review continuity and risk. 3