President’s Message: I would like to thank all of our members and their families for their contributions to our book/yard sale. This year the weather also cooperated! All donated items that did not sell went to the Salvation Army. All left-over books and magazines were delivered to the Onslow County Public Library for their upcoming used book sale. I appreciate the time and effort of everyone who helped to make our sale a success.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you, along with your family and friends, at our annual dinner meeting. New officers for the coming year will also be installed.

JoAnn Hall, President


Installation Dinner: Saturday, June 10, 4:30 p.m. at Mike’s Farm, 1600 Haw Branch Rd., Beaulaville. We have been asked to arrive promptly at 4:30 p.m. in order to be seated together. (No reservations on weekends.) Directions: From Jacksonville, take Hwy 24/258 towards Richlands. Turn left on Hwy. 111 (airport road). Go past the airport to Haw Branch Road. Turn right on Haw Branch Road. Go approximately two miles to Mike’s Farm on the left. If you get lost, call 910/324-3422. A map is available at Food is country cooking “served family style”. Prices are $12.95 for “big folks”, $11.95 for “old codgers”. We will pay individually.


Slate of Officers for 2006-2007: We will vote for this slate at the June 10 dinner.

Co-President: Evelyn Lynge

Co-President: Connie Gamble Ochse

VP Programs: Darlene Perry

VP Membership: Joanne Whitney Hill

Secretary: Judy Martin

Treasurer: Katharyn Thayer


Book/Yard Sale: BIG thank-you’s go to the sale workers (the night before and the day of), JoAnn, Evelyn, Judy, Darlene, Connie. Additional thanks go Laura and John Rumbley for the tents and Ron Ochse for the tables. Wonderful items were donated by JoAnn and Cindy, Margaret, Chris, Judy, Anita, Joanne, Kathleen, Darlene, Heather, Connie and Ron. Our sale netted us $170.04 for our scholarship at Coastal Carolina Community College. Many of our customers have been to all of our sales, so they deserve our special appreciation.

Connie Gamble Ochse, Book/Yard Sale Chair


Branch By-Laws Revision: Joanne Whitney Hill sent out a preliminary revision of our branch by-laws in April. JoAnn Hall has requested your comments so that these may be considered and the by-laws finalized. If you have not done so, please respond to her request as soon as possible so that this project may be completed.


Dixon H.S. Book Request: Dixon High School is seeking donations of books to support their reading program. Joanne Whitney Hill has an extensive list. Some of the authors whose works they seek are Dan Brown, Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks. Contact Joanne to view the list or make donations – 910/743-9996 or


Dues: Your dues for 2006-2007 may be paid at the installation dinner on June 10. Association dues: 45.00, State dues: 11.00, Branch dues: 11.00 = 67.00 total. If you wish, you may add 25.00 as a voluntary Education Foundation/Legal Advocacy Fund contribution. Dues must reach Katharyn Thayer by June 30 for your membership to remain current. Make checks payable to AAUW/Jacksonville Regional.


CALENDAR: June 10, 4:30 p.m. – Installation Dinner, Mike’s Farm, 1600 Haw Branch Rd (past the airport)

July 15 – AAUW/NC Summer Meeting, Sandhills/Southern Pines


Heather F. Ochse, Editor,

Connie Gamble Ochse, Assistant Editor,