Effective September 1, Jennifer McDaniel will be taking over as the single AAUW Regional Liaison for the entire South Atlantic region for the National Girls Collaborative Project. She has been serving as the liaison for the southern part of the South Atlantic Region since January of this year. You may recognize her name from Kay White’s post on 07.15.07 regarding the NGCP workshop at the national convention in July. Jennifer’s past experience with AAUW makes her invaluable in understanding how the AAUW/NGCP interface will work. Her contact information will be distributed at the Kick-off Conference (more on that below).

I will continue to be very involved in the NGCP as a member of the Leadership Team for The Science House Girls’ Collaborative Project (TSHGCP), the NC-based group of the NGCP. Feel free to email me your questions about the project at michelle.staben@pobox.com, especially until we make the full transition to Jennifer being the liaison.

Barbara White gave a great description earlier today about the Kick-off, which will be held on September 18. TSHGCP is likely to need volunteers from AAUW to help with the event. Keep watching this space for posts regarding how you can help.


Michelle Staben Wobker