Thanks to the branches that have sent in information on their officers. We’ve posted that information at

For branches who haven’t sent in the information, that page lists last year’s president.

Information about the elected and appointed AAUW NC officers can be found at

If you have corrections for those two pages, please send them

To: or call 866/525-2155.

Mary Rack, a new member of the Tar Heel Branch, is helping out the AAUW NC admin team in maintaining those two pages, and she’s been added to the info list for this project. [E-mail to that address normally goes to President Millie Hoffler-Foushee, Communications Chair Connie Ochse, and the other admin team members who also “answer the phone”,  Pinkie Byrd (Brevard), and Annette Hawkins and Nancy Shoemaker of the Tar Heel branch.] Mary will be the one who will be calling current branch presidents to get the information in time for us to report it for the Fall Tar Heel News and allow us to update the e-mail lists for the branch presidents and the state leaders.

Finally, there’s a change this year — we will NOT be creating a master directory of all state/branch officers for North Carolina. Please be sure your president reports all of your officers to AAUW through the Member Services Database (or someone in the branch completes the form at ). Once that’s done, AAUW will know who should get certain mailings, and the state committee chairs will be able to contact the correct person in your branch.