As you probably know by now, at the AAUW convention in St. Louis in June the delegate body will vote on a  new set of bylaws for the organization. No matter how you look at it, the number of people casting votes will be much smaller than the number of members, so there’s good reason to have discussions about this ahead of time.

AAUW has used tens of thousands of comments from members over the several year process of getting us to the brink of a new organization, and (this being AAUW), there are hundreds of pages about the process on If you’re looking for the “Cliff’s Notes” version to get  yourself or your branch members up to speed on the changes, I’d like to recommend a document by Sandy Kirkpatrick, a member of the AAUW Bylaws Committee and the parliamentarian for AAUW CA. Here is the link:

  •  Highlights of proposed AAUW bylaws
    Source to requesed from AAUW CA

It has links to additional details.

We’ll have time to discuss these issues at the AAUW NC convention next month, and I’d be glad to volunteer to set up conference calls to talk about this further with those who won’t get to Wrightsville Beach.  Contact me at or 919-773-1340.