e-Communications for AAUW NC: The e-newsletters that have been published to the members@aauwnc.org mailing for the last few years are now supplemented with postings on Facebook and Twitter. We are looking for an additional volunteer or two to help coordinate the e-newsletter production to make sure information goes out in e-mail in a timely manner or any other help managing the flow of information out to the branches.

At least four branches are looking at starting new websites or updating old ones. If you’d like to learn more about the support that AAUW NC can provide for a branch web site, please let us know.

Thanks to Annette Hawkins (Tar Heel) and Pinkie Byrd (Brevard) for help monitoring the AAUW NC voice mail. Thanks also to Mary Rack (Tar Heel) for help maintaining the contact information sections of www.aauwnc.org and helping to administer the e-mail lists.

Anyone who would like to participate in the e-communications team in any way, is welcome to check with us about opportunities.

Nancy Shoemaker
919-662-0538, shoemaker@acm.org

Tar Heel News: As announced in the Tar Heel News, Connie Gamble Ochse, Communications Team Leader, will be stepping down from that position on June 30. The position includes the responsibility of overseeing e-communications as well as serving as editor-in-chief of the Tar Heel News. Interested parties are asked to contact Connie – 910-346-8223, cgo@ec.rr.com -or Millie Hoffler-Foushee -millieh@triad.rr.com. It is hoped that Connie’s replacement will be onboard by May for on-the-job-training while publishing the Summer issue of the Tar Heel News.

The Team currently consists of Nancy Shoemaker, webmaster; Ann Sherman-Skiba, copy editor; Jamie Furchess and Katie Pequigney, co-graphics editors; and Connie Gamble Ochse, editor-in-chief/team leader. Marty Folsom retired in the fall of 2009 after 10 years producing the Tar Heel News. A huge thank-you goes to Marty for her service.

The deadline for articles and pictures to be submitted for the Summer issue of the Tar Heels news is May 3.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Gamble Ochse
Communications Team Leader