The Communications Team is now a well-oiled machine. As you read in the Spring issue of the Tar Heel News, the team consists of Marty Folsom, Ann Sherman-Skiba, Nancy Shoemaker, and Connie Gamble Ochse, team leader. Each member manages a crucial step in the AAUW NC information process. By adhering to precise procedures and deadlines, the team seamlessly produces what you see on paper (the Tar Heel News) and on the web site.

Seven branches currently post their newsletters on the web site or link to their current issue from the web site. Those wishing to discuss options may contact Nancy.

There were no entries in the web site scavenger hunt. Positive comments, however, were received from one branch president, so the hunt may be revisited at a future date.

REMINDER: Summer Tar Heel News deadline – April 15 (due to team travel schedules)

RECOMMENDATION: To all branch newsletter editors, please include somewhere in the body of your newsletters reference to . Nancy makes sure that the latest national, state and local information is posted for our members. Let’s be sure to use this valuable resource.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Gamble Ochse
Communications Team Leader