Changes are in the works for and will affect later this fall. Branches planning new web sites and/or those wishing to explore having a more local web presence on are asked to contact Nancy Shoemaker.

Note: If you have trouble locating certain content on the site during the transition, please contact .

The Fall issue of the Tar Heel News was mailed in September (1467 copies), plus bundles. Extra copies will be available at the Fall Leadership Meeting in Boone. The deadline for the Winter issue copy to reach Connie ( ) is November 5. The target mail date is December 5.

On a sad note, our graphics editor, Marty Folsom, has resigned due to family obligations. Millie and Connie are in talks with a candidate for the position. All efforts will be made towards a smooth transition.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Gamble Ochse
Communications Team Leader