For information about who in NC is receiving support from the AAUW Educational Foundation this year, see the directory.

These remarkable women are supported by contributions from the following NC-related endowment funds:

  • Elizabeth A. Colton endowment supports an American Fellowship held by Mayida Zaal working on a Ph.D. in Education at City University of NY. Her research has been on the educational experiences of immigrant children and youth and the preparation of teachers who work with them. She is also supported by the Mary A. Grefe endowment.
  • Ellen Black Winston endowment supports an American Fellowship held by Esther Marion doing postdoctoral research in French at the State University of New York — Brockport. Her research focuses on the relationship between narration, ethics, and memory in 20th-century French and European fiction and thought. She is also supported by the New Jersey State Division and the Alice F. Palmer endowments.
  • Shirley S. and Karl S. Quisenberry endowment supports an American Fellowship held by Jennifer Caldwell pursuing a Ph.D. in theater, dramatic arts at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her work explores changing perceptions of nation visualized through constructions of gender, race, sexuality, class, and ability in World War II soldier shows.. She is also supported by the San Francisco (CA) Branch/Mildred Bickel endowment.
  • Sandy Bernard/Alice Ann Leidel endowment supports a Selected Professions Fellowship held by Karen Kubey pursuing a master’s degree in architecture at Columbia University. Her work includes sustainable, affordable housing and architectural activism. She is also supported by the Margaret M. Bryant endowment.
  • Rosalyn Nix Gilliat International Fellowship supports Ajabji Stella from Cameroon who is pursuing an MA in Social Sciences at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, VT.  She will use the results of her research to set up a community-based, women-owned microfinance structure.
  • Research and Projects Funds honoring
    NC Golden Anniversary,
    L. Adelaide and M. Elizabeth Johnson,
    Stine J. Schaffmeyer,
    Enola G. Retherford,
    Beth Norris
    support a Career Development Grant for Angela Greene working on an MSW in social work at UNC-Chapel Hill. After graduation, she intends to return to her home in the rural mountains of North Carolina, where she will continue to serve women and girls who have survived interpersonal violence by providing mental health trauma recovery services. She is also supported by the Glendale (CA) Branch and the Patricia Ann Mann/Livermore-Pleasanton-Dublin (CA) Branch funds.

Other fellows in NC have the following support:

  • Anne Flaherty has received an American Fellowship to support her work on a Ph.D. in political science and government at Duke University. Her work focuses on the recognition and extension of indigenous peoples’ rights. The fellowship is funded by the Herbert E. and Mabel L. Ives, North Shore (NY) Branch, Emma M. Perkins, and Willie May Turbeville endowments.
  • Paulette Marty has a publication grant in art history and is based at Appalachian State University. Her research focuses on cultural and political dialogue in public theatrical performances and is supported by the Winona Montgomery endowment.
  • Julianne Treme has a publication grant in economics and is based at UNC Wilmington. Her work uses celebrity magazine appearances to evaluate the market performance of new film releases. The grant is funded by the Atlanta (GA) Branch endowment.
  • Our VOICE, Inc. of Asheville, NC has a community action grant to support their work serving early adolescent girls to build confidence, combat unhealthy social messages about gender roles and body image, and reduce the risk of sexual violence. The grant is funded by the Anne Campbell, Las Vegas branch, and Dr. Olivia McHugh research and projects endowments.
  • Girls Incorporated of Wilmington, NC has a community action grant to support their work to introduce girls to higher-paying, local career opportunities through activities that expand their horizons and help them develop necessary skills.The grant is funded by the Annie Jump Cannon, Bernice Hobe, Elsie Manning, and Sue Wagner research and projects endowments.

For more information on these and the other remarkable women supported by the AAUW Educational Foundation, see the online directory of fellowships and grants and (for members) the amounts raised for specific funds (names honored).

One of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women, the Educational Foundation is providing $4.5 million in funding  for more than 250 fellowships, grants, and special awards to outstanding women in the 2008-09 academic year. Please contribute to allow our efforts to continue and expand!

NC-related funds that have not yet reached stipend-producing level and for which contributions are specifically requested include:

  • Ann Chipley American Fellowship, #4051. [$51,409 of a required $100,000 raised as of 6/30/08. Deadline: 2016.]
  • Charlotte Branch Research and Projects Fund, #1429. [$23,943 of a required $35,000 raised as of 6/30/08. Deadline: 2014.]

Thanks for your support!