Here is the table showing the number of members in each branch as of February 1 for 2014-2017

Congratulations to the following branches for exceptional success in recruiting/retention:

  • Eleven of our 18 branches have a 3-year membership growth. The top 5 were Raleigh-Wake County (74%), Brevard (32%), Gaston Regional (27%), Jacksonville Regional (22%), Hendersonville (18%) and the others were Twin Rivers, Tar Heel, Greensboro, and Charlotte
  • The three branches with more than 10%  1-year membership growth: Raleigh-Wake County (38%), Gaston Regional (12%), Brevard (10%).
    Five other branches had positive growth: Hendersonville, Wilmington, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Tar Heel
  • Seventeen of the branches recruited new members this year. Those with at least 10 new members are: Asheville (35), Brevard (33), Raleigh-Wake County (15), Wilmington (15), Hendersonville (11), Tar Heel (10)
  • Congratulations to our largest branches Asheville (184) and Brevard (171). The strength of AAUW in the western part of the state continues to be remarkable.
  • Congratulations, too, to the Raleigh-Wake County branch which has grown from 19 to 33 since 2014 with new recruiting strategies, new programs, and projects.

You may want to adjust these numbers by the number of dual members in the Tar Heel Branch who are primary in other branches in NC (and so are double counted on this list):

  • 2014 (40), 2015 (40), 2016 (41), 2017 (41)

If you do that, the NC totals become

  • 2014 (873), 2015 (876), 2016 (912), 2017 (930)