AAUW’s “official” count of members per branch always comes out on February 1. This number used to be key to determining a branch’s number of delegates to state and national meetings, but we now have one member/one vote. It is still used to reward branches for membership growth and for per capita fundraising rankings. Branch officers are encouraged, though, to make sure their membership count is accurate all year long, not just a couple of times a year. With the aauw.org Member Services Database, every member has access to her/his branch roster and can report errors well before February 1.

In any event here is the

Note that this report shows a year over year membership growth for NC for the first time in several years. Congratulations to the Asheville, Chapel Hill, Hendersonville, Raleigh/Wake County, Salisbury, Statesville, Tar Heel, and Twin Rivers for growth over Feb. 1, 2011. If you ware wondering what part of the growth was due to dual members (those who belong to more than one branch), especially in the Tar Heel Branch, note that there are 11 more dual members in the THB than there were last year, so 902 to 917 does represent real growth, even if small.