As many of you know, February 1 is when the Association does the official count of the members in each branch. The document linked below shows the February 1 count (and historical information) for the branches in North Carolina. This count includes dual members and student affiliates, so is slightly larger than the count used for determining the number of delegates each branch has at NC and Association conventions. [Branch presidents will get another report with their membership count to determine the number of branch delegates.]

We now have 21 branches and 1020 members. Asheville, at 150 members, is the largest branch in the state. Our newest branch is High Country, chartered last summer, with 22 members. The Bryson City, Eden, Gaston Regional, Greensboro, Statesville and Wilmington branches all grew by more than 5% over Feb. 1, 2006. The Brevard branch has had the largest increase since Feb. 1 2004 – 15 members, 15.15%.

Feb. 1 2007 Membership Count for AAUW NC Branches

Branch presidents, membership vice-presidents and treasurers should have received this report along with a branch roster and instructions for reporting errors.