To: Branch Presidents
From: Sheila Bassoppo-Moyo, AAUW NC College/University Chair and co-chair of Young Advocates Toolkit Project

At our last Leadership Conference held at High Point in October, Mary Peterson and I gave an overview of the advocacy toolkit and distributed more toolkits to branch presidents (Marty mailed some with an issue of the Tar Heel News earlier). We requested that the tool kits be taken back to your branches and that colleges/university reps or directors of student affairs be contacted so that student leaders could use the kits and learn about advocacy skills.

We are half way through our timeline and would like to evaluate the impact of the tool kits thus far.

Please answer the following questions:

1. How is your branch using the advocacy tool kits?

2. What university or college has your branch approached?

3. How were the advocacy tool kits received by the colleges or universities?

4. How were the tool kits received by your branch?

5. What would you do differently to promote or publicize the kits?

6. What other methods would you suggest to promote the development of advocacy skills?

Thank you for responding to these questions.

Sheila (see for Sheila’s contact information)