At the 2009 AAUW Convention in St. Louis the delegates approved new bylaws for the 501(c)(3) organization which will now be called AAUW (instead of the AAUW Educational Foundation) include most of the programs of the former AAUW, a 501(c)(4). Some of the changes include

  • A move to one-member/one-vote
  • Fewer structural requirements for branches and states
  • The board, rather than the delegates at convention, will set future dues.

In an amendment to the proposal, the delegate body restored the language of the current bylaws Article IV Sections 1-4 (in place of the proposed sections 1-3). This means that the degree requirement for membership is still in effect. A new category of “partner members” to extend the current college/university members was also approved.

Bylaws for the 501(c)(4), now to be known as the AAUW Action Fund, were also approved. That organization will be responsible for a major portion of the lobbying and voter guide programs of the current AAUW.

These changes affect the national organization and give new options to the states and branches. While detailed directives will come out later in the summer, it is unlikely that any changes will be required for states and branches with current structures that are working well.

A resolution was passed submitted from AAUW CA members (see comment from Shelly) to ensure that the organization reconsiders mission-based membership.The motion did not get the required 3/4 vote.