Last fall, the AAUW NC board voted to waive half-year state dues for national members who transfer in to a branch in January or February. Some branches may also choose to waive the half-year dues in this case.

Branch members’ memberships all expire on June 30, but those who join AAUW through the national organization have expiration dates at the end of the month a year after they join. When they transfer to a branch, their expiration date is changed to June 30 – so they may gain or lose months of membership.

A national member transferring to a branch in January or February of the year their membership expires, will be invoiced (like all branch members) for the next fiscal year later in the spring. If, however, their membership expires in the next fiscal year, it is appropriate that they pay a full year’s state and national dues to join the branch since the branch membership will expire more than a year in the future.

This change, then, means that the branch does not have to collect an extra half-year dues to “cover” the end of this fiscal year for a member who is joining for the next fiscal year. A side effect is that if they are joining for just a few months until the end of this fiscal year, they owe no state dues. Similarly, life members can join the branch for the current fiscal year without paying national (of course) or state dues.