100 Club LogoAAUW NC is now offering a “premium” for donations, just like NPR! If you’ve been meaning to join the AAUW NC 100 Club, but need one more push, check out www.cafepress.com/aauwnc. If you purchase any of the $100 items (tile coaster, framed tile, box with tile top, mousepad — all with a Marty Folsom, penstrokes.com design) soon, you’ll be listed in the convention program and on the AAUW NC web site as a “member of the club”.

Early donors and branches with members who have joined “with a contribution of time” will be contacted about claiming a premium to acknowledge those contributions. For more info, please contact Nancy.

Current list of 100 Club members

Forms and instructions if you’d rather not use CafePress.

The simplest way to “join” is to send a check for at least $100, payable to AAUW NC, to Millie Hoffler-Foushee, 7068 Lanier Rd., Summerfield, NC 27358. You may make the contribution in honor or in memory of someone. Please do include instructions on where to send the acknowledgment for such gifts.