On Saturday, November 1, AAUW NC board members led informational sessions for the attendees at the fall leadership meeting.

Mary Fran Schickedantz, treasurer, gave information about filing the IRS 990N (the e-postcard). It is recommended that every branch file this by November 15 in order to comply with IRS requirements for small nonprofit orgainzations. [Branches with an income of more than $25,000 or other factors that may complicate their tax status are, of course, encouraged to discuss requirements with a tax professional.]  If the branch’s employee identification number (EIN) has been listed on AAUW’s  earlier reports to the IRS, this should be a simple process:

  • Check the IRS page on the 990N to see the information you need (EIN, contact address, other names, etc.)
  • Go to the e-postcard site, epostcard.form990.org,  (there’s a link on the IRS page) and follow the simple registration process.

If there’s a problem with your EIN, do try to get it resolved this year to preserve your branch’s nonprofit site. Mary Fran and president Millie Hoffler-Foushee (contact info) as well as the AAUW helpline (connect@aauw.org) are available to help you work through the issues.  Branch presidents and treasurers are especially encouraged to ensure that the branch form is filed correctly.

Mary Fran then showed the AAUW Leadership DVD module for the branch finance officers. This  video and the accompanying slides are both available at the www.aauw.org Member Center: