There’s a group in the UK that’s working on a certification program for those who recommend or choose Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools/applications/environments for nonprofit organizations.

What was interesting to me about the announcement was that on the team of subject matter experts that are developing the certification, a majority are women. Shades of Tech-Savvy! When there’s a *point* to the work, we get on board as quickly as the guys!

A few FOSS notes:

  • More on the FOSK certification
  • I’ve never been far from FOSS since I met UNIX 4.1C BSD in 1982.
  • It’s not “free as in beer”, but “free as in kittens”. [alt ref])
  • This blog/news system is run on the FOSS WordPress and the “care and feeding” required to keep it updated is not insignificant.