Dear AAUW NC presidents –

1. You should have received a message last week about using the Member Services Database (MSD) to report your branch’s 2008-2009 officers. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you do send in this information so that there is continuity of communication from the Association to your branch. Please do be sure you’ve reported the 2008-2009 president and that she knows how to get into the MSD. You’ll find that your treasurer and membership vp will be able make good use of the MSD to check Association records — please encourage them to register and use the system. Entering the other officers (you’ll find it’s a quick point and click to choose the folks in your branch — no need to enter contact information) will ensure that they, too, get appropriate mailings from the Association.

If you’d like me to give a “virtual tour” of the system, let me know and we’ll schedule one or two sessions during May.

2. Last year we tried to use the national information to populate the AAUW NC branch/state officer listing. For several reasons, that didn’t work so well, and for this year, I’m asking you to fill out the simple AAUW NC form that we used in 2006 and 2007. You’ll find that at

You don’t need to enter member id’s or contact information — we’ll get that from the national listing — and send it to you for proofing.

3. That, then, brings me to the importance of all of your members having correct information on file at AAUW. Again, the Member Services Database helps with this. Each member can register, login and correct any errors in her or his information. Your branch treasurer can make updates to all the branch member records — and every member can see the information for all the others (an instant “yearbook directory” if you will). If your branch treasurer isn’t the person who’s the best one to do these updates, please do name someone else as “co-treasurer” to help out with this specific task. And if the branch president doesn’t want to handle the maintenance of the online officer information, note that any other member can be granted those rights.

Again, let me know if you’d like a demo of the system — we can set that up so that we’re “connected” over the ‘net and you can watch me use the system, then I can watch you …

Thanks so much for helping us get the 2008-2009 year off to a good start.


cc: Other AAUW NC Leaders