The nominating committee you elected last spring has begun its work to recruit the following officers for 2010-2012:

  • President – the chief officer of AAUW NC
  • Secretary – responsible for the minutes for the convention business session, the board meetings, and the executive committee meetings
  • Membership Vice President – responsible for encouraging membership growth throughout the state, including coaching the branches

They are also seeking candidates for five (5) members of the 2010-2011 nominating committee who will be responsible for the 2011-2013 slate.

If you’d like to consider serving on the board starting July 1, 2010, please contact one of the members of the committee or a member of the current board to find out more about the positions and how they might fit into your interests.The committee members are:

  • Pat Abell, Statesville, Chair
  • Bernie Carpenter, Gaston Regional
  • JoAnn Hall, Jacksonville Regional
  • Peg Holmes, Hendersonville
  • Denny McGuire, Raleigh/Wake County

If you’d like to volunteer or recommend someone else, you can find Pat’s contact information on the state contacts page of this web site.  You may also write or leave a message at 866-525-2155.