As noted in the past two issues of the Tar Heel News and discussed in meetings with most of the branches, the leadership of AAUW of North Carolina is suggesting we move to a new governance model as a trial for 2011-2012. The trial will need to be approved at the annual meeting on March 26, but the fact remains that the nominating committee has been working to fill a slate that matches the new proposed structure. The following members have agreed to stand for election based on the new model of four offices: President, Treasurer, and two Vice Presidents (one concentrating on branch relations):

Candidates for Co-President

Karla Atkinson and Lill Van Order, elected as co-vice presidents for program in 2009 and working to lead the state in the absence of a 2010 candidate for president, have agreed to run for the president position.

Karla moved to Brevard, NC after retiring from the Michigan Dept. of Education as coordinator of the Michigan public school accreditation program. She rejoined the work force again after her move, serving as the Asst. Director of the Transylvania County Arts Council for six years. She has held a variety of positions in the Brevard branch (publicity, public policy, book sale chairperson, secretary and president).

At the state level she served two terms as Secretary and later served with Lill Van Order as Program Co-VP before accepting the position of AAUW NC Co-Administrator (again with Lill) in April 2010. She has worked with strategic planning and reconnection activities under former Presidents Rumbley, Hill and Shoemaker.

Lill has graduate and post-graduate degrees from Illinois Wesleyan (Illinois) and Keene State (New Hampshire).  A former teacher in the  public and private schools, she is currently the media center coordinator at Cape Fear Academy (Pre K – 12). She has served as secretary, bylaws chari and president of the Wilmington branch. Her leadership on the AUAW NC board has included Legal Advocacy Fund liason and Fundraising Chair as well has the last two years of service with Karla as co-vp of programs and co-administrator of the state.

Note that Karla and Lill are running as a team and, if elected, would serve together in the role of president.

Candidate for Treasurer

Denny McGuire is employed by the State of NC in the Information Technology Services Office. She has served as the President of the Raleigh Wake Branch for several years and on the state level as a two year member of the Nomination Committee and as a member of the Structure Committee. In previous years, she served on the Board of the YWCA in Wake County.

Candidate for VP (Branch Advocate)

Patsy (Pat) Abell is a life member of the Association and is a member of the Statesville branch and a dual member of Tar Heel Branch. She is a past president of AAUW Statesville. She has served as secretary of the AAUW NC board, a member of the AAUW NC executive committee, and a member of the Nominating Committee.

Candidate for VP

The nominating committee concentrated on recruiting a candidate for the new position of VP/Branch Advocate. This second VP position, a member of the executive committee in the proposed structure, will be filled with a nomination from the floor or by appointment.