Attendees at $tart $mart Facilitator Training

On Tuesday, May 20, Annie Houle of the WAGE Project presented a training session for women interested in facilitating $tart $mart workshops on NC campuses this fall.

$tart $mart workshops teach junior and senior college women how to benchmark the salary of the job they want when they graduate and learn basic salary negotiation skills. WAGE developed the program and presented it in more than 60 workshops around the country last year. To extend the reach of this project, WAGE and AAUW formed a collaboration and AAUW members are recruiting campuses and trainers with a goal of delivering the training on 500 campuses in the next three years.

As a start on this ambitious goal, seven women met with Annie to go over

  • An overview of the project and background on why it is needed
  • The benefits to the campuses
  • A walk-through of a sample workshop, including a role-play exercise that is tailored for each campus

Sonya Stafford, member of the AAUW Tar Heel and Raleigh/Wake County branches, attended a “virtual” version of this training last fall, and presented a $tart $mart workshop at NC Central University in April. She expects to continue the relationship with NCCU and is pleased that others in North Carolina are now trained to deliver this program. Jean D’Addario, member of AAUW Wilmington, attended the training. She’s been talking to Annie for more than a year, and has made contacts with UNC Wilmington about bringing the training to that campus. Nancy Shoemaker, member of the AAUW Raleigh/Wake County and Tar Heel branches, also attended the training and is working to facilitate additional training sessions to reach other branches and will be talking about the program at the AAUW NC summer meeting in Hendersonville.

More information will be posted here as additional facilitator training sessions are scheduled and campuses are recruited to host the training. If you have questions, please contact Sonya Stafford. [See contacts/state for her information.]