The Summer 2009 issue of the Tar Heel News will hit branch members’ mailboxes soon – but here’s the online version.

Highlights from the 2009 AAUW NC Convention:

Public Policy Information

More AAUW NC News

Branch News

  • Explaining the new Branch Without Borders (page  3, more)
  • Wilmington Branch sets date for major event (page 2)
  • Chapel Hill STEM project (page 8, more)

Errata for the print edition (corrected in the online version):

  • page 1: An alternate site for credit reports is
  • page 5: there are 22 branches, including Chapel Hill
  • page 7: Bonny Marsh’s phone number is (828) 698-1354
  • page 7 (heading): Summer meeting is July 17-18, not 14-18