Dear Branch Presidents,

Participation in the pilot program for Public Policy has been good. Issues have been assigned and information will be arriving soon to the senders. They will begin to send alerts and information to the receivers in the branches. We will become familiar with the process and learn more about issues, find our voice, and make the legislature aware of women’s choices and consensus.

I would like to know how I can help your branch. I have received a great deal of information about building membership and building a relationship with a college/university partners. You should be receiving this information too. If you need help understanding it or getting on the mailing list let me know.


Branches are encouraged to remember that there are two AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund endowments of particular concern to AAUW NC that have not yet reached stipend producing level. The Fellowship, established 1996-97, honoring Ann Chipley, past president of AAUW NC, still needs $39,000 (Fund 4051); the Charlotte Research and Projects Grant, established in 1999-2000, needs an additional $6700 (Fund 1429).


AAUW North Carolina Annual Meeting will be held March 30-31, 2012 at the Country Inn Suites in Burlington, NC. We will follow a format similar to last year, beginning mid afternoon on Friday, March 30 and ending in the early afternoon on Saturday, March 31. Details will follow later but please mark your calendars now and plan to attend.

One of the programs planned for our members will address the question, “What’s new in tech to advance the mission?” A national AAUW Board member will also be with us during our meeting.


A policy to have AAUW NC waive half-year state dues when at-large members transfer into a branch during January or February has been approved by the AAUW NC officers. With the new policy in place, this is an excellent opportunity to contact MALs in your area to join your branch.


This year’s Nominating Committee is composed of Kathleen Hespelt (Hendersonville), Grace Knechtel (Raleigh/ Wake County), Queen Thompson (Charlotte), Mary Stephens (Greensboro), and Jean Schaefer (Wilmington). Their work focuses on seeking candidates for AAUW NC officers in 2012-2013.

AAUW NC has been operating under a new structure which was adopted at the annual meeting in High Point last March as a one-year pilot — a  structure which included just four officers who agreed to serve a one-year term under this structure: President, Treasurer, Branch Advocate/First VP and Communications/Second VP. The new structure will be assessed at the annual meeting in March 2012 (see note above).      Regardless of the outcome/feedback on this pilot structure from branch presidents at the annual meeting, the Nominating Committee will be seeking candidates to fill at least the minimum two positions which AAUW requires for a state organization: President and Treasurer.

Contact me with any questions or requests.


Pat Abell, Branch Advocate
(state officer contact information)