Status of Bills in NCGA

This page has links to the current status of bills in areas related to the AAUW NC 2015 Public Policy Priorities:

  • Bill Status

AAUW of North Carolina is able to provide this automatically updated list through a program that the national AAUW is providing to the state organizations.

Other info from AAUW NC

AAUW NC maintains two mailing lists to distribute information on public policy priorities with a focus on the state-wide activities of the NC General Assembly.

  • pp-alerts
    • Short, focused alerts with timely information on legislative action
    • Open to all
    • More information, including subscription form
  • pp-info
    • Longer, more complete notes with background information on public policy issues
    • May also include discussions related to setting public policy priorities
    • Open to members of branches in North Carolina (not a member? join now!)
    • More information, including subscription link

Make your voice heard

If you don’t already have your legislators on speed-dial and their contact forms bookmarked, find the info you need here:

  • Contacting your elected officials

NC General Assembly Live

Follow what’s happening on the floor of the NC General Assembly right now, including live audio and documents under discussion, by going to the NCGA site, The home page now has links to the chamber audio, audio for some committee meetings, and to the chamber “dashboards” (an application that shows the documents currently being considered).

Even if you can’t get to Raleigh, you can follow what’s happening — and you also watch comments from others by following the hashtag #ncga at