Branches are urged to consider hosting or collaborating to host a Women’s Agenda Assembly this Fall. This program was demonstrated a the 2006 Fall meeting in Statesville, so many of our members have been through the process. Here is the initial call for participation from NC Women United:

We are excited to say that the time has begun to step forward and start the planning process for local Agenda Assemblies, which will be taking place from August through December 2008! There are already FOUR confirmed leaders of assemblies in Buncombe, Guilford, Orange, and Pitt counties – Buncombe has already set their date for September 20th! As usual, the website ( will provide updates on the local assemblies’ progress and leadership.

WHAT’S NEW THIS TIME? First, this year the Program Committee for Agenda Assemblies has divided the state along the Council for Women regional lines and has a committee member serving as technical assistance point person for the assemblies within each of those regions:

Western Region – June Kimmel
Northwestern Region – Becky Mock
Southwestern Region – Anne Mackie
Central Region – Shelisa Martinez-Howard
Northeastern Region – Polly Williams
Southeastern Region – Jenny Brobst (and Agenda Assembly Committee Chairperson)

Second, we are very fortunate to have the Council for Women regional representatives supporting our technical assistance folks in case anyone gets stuck finding additional leadership or speakers or locations.

Finally, the only other change is that we will be holding an “End of Assemblies” CELEBRATION for assembly leaders to gather and share their experiences and successes and challenges, as well as look ahead together to the NCWU Women’s Advocacy Day in Spring 2009.

NCWU MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS – take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to take a leadership role in your communities in support of women’s issues. Let your local chapters know that they can take the lead in this! In order for the assembly to receive full NCWU technical assistance there must be some NCWU member involvement in the assembly’s leadership.

If you are interested in leading an agenda assembly in your area, or if you would like the contact information for the leaders in your area, PLEASE CONTACT: Jenny Brobst (NCWU Program Committee Chair for Agenda Assemblies) at or (919) 419-3474 ext. 401.