AAUW NC Membership Categories

Community-based branch member

If you hold an associate or equivalent, baccalaureate or higher degree(s) and wish to connect with other AAUW members in your community, please contact the branch about how to join. The branch Membership Chair will help you become a member and introduce you to their local programs and their meeting schedule. All branch members in North Carolina are also members of AAUW and AAUW NC. (Dues are $59 for AAUW, $11 for AAUW NC and the cost of branch dues varies – less than $15.)

Tar Heel branch member (Virtual Branch)

If you are a graduate who does not live near one of our community branches, or, if a community-based branch does not fit your life, you are invited to join the Tar Heel branch. This is a virtual branch serving the entire state. Formed in the fall of 2008, this branch provides all the benefits of AAUW and AAUW NC membership, along with access to the roster of Tar Heel members. Groups too small to form a branch can still use AAUW’s name in their communities for special projects or events. Many community-based members also keep a dual membership with the Tar Heel branch, since it provides access to leaders throughout the state that care about issues related to advancing equity for women and girls of North Carolina. (Tar Heel dues are $5 in addition to state and national dues.)

National AAUW membership only – Member at Large (MAL)

If you have already joined AAUW through the national organization, expect to be contacted occasionally by AAUW NC as issues come up that need attention by everyone in our state that cares about AAUW goals of equity for women and girls. You are also free to subscribe to our online newsletter and other publications.

Go online to www.aauw.org to join as a member at large (MAL). Dues are $59 annually.

Please do consider joining the virtual Tar Heel branch or your local community-based branch. As a person interested in AAUW’s goals, you will find there is more power when we are all working together on AAUW issues in our state and nationally.

National member

Graduates are welcome to join the Association to start receiving the benefits of the “national” organization. Contact us if you are already a national member and want to find out how to join one of the branches.

College/University partners

Degree granting institutions may join AAUW as College/University Partners. That membership fee allows the institution to appoint two members of their staff or faculty as AAUW C/U representatives. These representatives receive all the benefits of AAUW national members and they may also choose to join a community-based branch and/or the Tar Heel virtual branch.

The current C/U Partner institutions in North Carolina can be checked here to find out if your institution is listed. Most major colleges and universities in North Carolina are currently C/U Partners of AAUW. You may also wish to know who on your campus are the C/U representatives and that information is available by contacting info@aauwnc.org.

Student Affiliates

Students enrolled in a college or university may join AAUW as an e-student affiliate. This is a free membership while an undergraduate, with one free year after graduation.

There are also AAUW student affiliate groups on many campuses. If your campus does not have an AAUW campus organization, find out how to start a student affiliate group here. For information about the support AAUW NC can offer student affiliates, please contact info@aauw.org .