Some of you know that I’ve been connected to a project that’s working to improve conditions in Princeville, NC.

How can we have a dramatic impact in the Princeville and Tarboro area? How can we help create opportunities for women and girls as well as reach out to current members-at-large not connected to a branch in these areas? The new branch structure, Branch Without Borders, will make it easier to accomplish several goals: provide a branch structure; gain membership as well as provide a mechanism to develop projects in Princeville, an area with no members and formerly devastated by flooding; and lastly it would reconnect with Tarboro which only has 12 members-at-large.

If individual members would like to help develop projects in Princeville and Tarboro after the new structure becomes a reality, we can have a strong impact because we will have access to AAUW resources and have the ability to organize creative and meaningful projects that will make a difference to the members living in those areas.

I won’t be at the Salisbury meeting — but I’ll be thinking of you while attending my 30th college reunion.

Please contact me (find phone/e-mail on the state contacts list) if you have questions or comments.

-Sheila Bassoppo-Moyo
AAUW NC Membership VP