The AAUW NC Public Policy Committee has drafted and the Branch Presidents’ Council has approved the following public policy priorities for AAUW NC during the 2015 session of the NC General Assembly.

Economic Self Sufficiency

  • Raise the minimum wage. Support legislation bringing the minimum wage in line with the current economy.
  • Close the gender pay gap. Promote legislation supporting equal pay policies and practices


  • Increase support for quality, locally governed public education. Support legislation restoring recent funding cuts to public education in North Carolina; develop teacher salary schedules which reward professional development and longevity.
  • Promote educational opportunities for girls and women. Support funding for Title IX and STEM programs

Health Care

  • Expand Medicaid. Support action to accept new federal Medicaid funds to expand insurance coverage to low-income North Carolinians.

PDF Version of these Priorities

Get updates

  • Check the following list of “bills of interest” which we hope will closely track the issues above:
    NCGA status of bills of interest to AAUW NC
  • Sign up for AAUW’s public policy alerts — we will be sending out state-specific messages this year using the system hosted at the national organization.

How to use the priorities

  • Members are encouraged to print and redistribute this PDF version of the priorities to their state legislators and allied organizations.
  • Use the priorities when talking to legislators in district meetings and in Raleigh, especially on the February 24 Women’s Advocacy Day.
  • You may also use the document when speaking with members of Congress on these issues you may. However, be mindful of the national AAUW priorities which are outlined in  the
    Federal Legislative Priorities for Women and Families for the 114th Congress.
  • Some of the issues on the list of priorities have talking points documents on the AAUW national website. You are encouraged to use the AAUW resources when they apply to issues of concern to you.
  • Reminder: AAUW NC’s endorsement of these priorities and AAUW’s national statement of public policy principles and priorities does not constrain your speaking out against the positions taken here. However, if you disagree with AAUW’s positions you may not state that disagreement while speaking as an AAUW member or leader.