The members and branches of AAUW of North Carolina are generous in their support of the philanthropic programs of AAUW.

In calendar year 2016 we contributed $26,454 to AAUW, $28/member. This substantial increase over the $21,892 we contributed in 2015 was due to increased unrestricted donations (primarily Charting the Course) and a 30% increase in donations to the Educational Opportunity Fund, almost all directed to the Ann Chipley endowment. Some of this came from shifts in contributions from the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund and the Legal Advocacy Fund, and we thank those donors who redirected their donations to help support both the unrestricted campaign and the endowment completion.

The state donations by area were:

  • $12,411 to the Educational Opportunities Fund for fellowships and grants
    • Of that, all but $125 was directed to the Ann Chipley American Fellowship endowment
  • $11,030 in unrestricted gifts to support national programs, $4453 through the Charting the Course campaign.
  • $1,516 to the Legal Advocacy Fund for legal case support, travel grants, and campus outreach programs
  • $528 to the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund to support AAUW’s gender equity research
  • $301 to the Public Policy fund supporting government relations, civic engagement, and field organizing
  • $667 to other efforts, including the AAUW Action Fund, GOTV efforts, Tech Savvy, and the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)

AAUW of North Carolina gives special thanks to:

  • Top five branches in total giving:
    Asheville, Wilmington, Hendersonville, Greensboro, and Brevard
  • Top five branches in per capita giving:
    Wilmington, Gaston Regional, Hendersonville, Greensboro, and (a tie) Asheville and Raleigh-Wake County

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