President Mary Peterson, (252) 636-5074,
Finance/Treasurer Denny McGuire, (919) 562-0860,
Branch Advocate
Sandra McLaurin, (910) 392-0395,
VP/Communications Karla Atkinson, (828) 884-7648,
Bylaws Committee Chair Lill Van Order, (910) 313-1573,
Public Policy Team Mary Peterson, Karla Atkinson, Judy Balsanek, Suzanne Rolland, Mari Pino del Rosario, Maggie Parish.
Webmaster Nancy Shoemaker, (919) 662-0538,
AAUW Board Members David Kirkwood (MN), Patricia Ho (MA), and Kathryn Braeman (DC) are members of the Tar Heel branch.

Members can find branch/state officers, and officers can find counterpart information at the “Member Services Database”.

For additional contact resources, see

If you’re not sure of the right person to contact, you may write or call (866) 525-2155 and your message will be forwarded.