Use the information below to see how your MC (member of Congress) voted on issues that you care about. Then either thank them or tell them why the issue is important to their community at home. Elections are a “hot topic” right now and how those at home think are registering with the legislators. M&M (Mary Peterson and Mary Stephens)

View Your Representative’s Score
The AAUW Congressional Voting Record 109th Congress, First Session (2005) is out! AAUW’s Congressional voting record informs AAUW members of positions taken by their senators and representatives on the Association’s federal legislative priorities. AAUW members have a long history of lobbying Congress and holding their legislators accountable for how they vote on AAUW priority issues. The specific legislation included in this voting record for the First Session of the 109th Congress was selected on the basis of AAUW’s public policy priorities and principles as adopted by AAUW convention delegates in 2005. This voting record provides information about how senators and representatives voted on AAUW’s issues including education, civil rights, tax and budget, reproductive rights, and judicial nominations. Please visit to view your representative’s and senators’ scores. While Congress is in recess this is a great time to let your Congressional delegation know how you feel about their performance on our issues.