At the Friday, July 25, 2008 board meeting, the AAUW NC board approved in principle the creation of a branch without borders.

We are now at the stage of recruiting at least 15 charter members. If you would like to be a part of this experiment in a new way of organizing an AAUW community, please sign up by completing this form.

Initial fees will be paid to AAUW NC (until the charter members decide on the branch name and it opens a bank account). Dues are

  • $0 – for members and student affiliates of AAUW NC and its branches who have already paid for 08-09
  • $17 – for students working on a first associate or bachelors degree who have not already paid student affiliate fees for 08-09.
  • $11 – for AAUW members-at-large (or branch members for 08-09 from other states) who wish to join this new branch.
    • Note: If your AAUW membership will expire before 12/31/08, please contact before sending payment.
  • $60 – for those who wish to join/renew with AAUW by joining this branch.
    • This will cover your at-large membership in AAUW, so you will not need to wait until the branch formation is complete to receive membership benefits.

So, to sign up as a charter member of this branch:

  1. If you owe anything, send your check payable to “AAUW NC” to Nancy Shoemaker, 7009 Jeffrey Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603.
  2. Fill out the charter member information form

Please contact if you have questions or see the earlier post for background on this idea.

[Note (8/5/08): Originally we said the dues for those joining AAUW as charter members of this branch would be $62. We had incorrect information that at-large members would pay $51 after 7/1/08, but they are actually being charged $49, the same as branch members. So we lowered the total by $2.]