The following people/organizations with ties to North Carolina have been notified that they have been awarded 2011-2012 AAUW fellowships and grants. (See the full list for details.)

  • Michelle Tallack Caporossi, NC State Univ., Selected Professions Fellowship
  • Cynthia Barton, Duke Univ, Career Development Grant
  • Milele Likivu Kudumu Bynum, UNC-Chapel Hill, Career Development Grant
  • Robin Gray-Bishop, UNC-Charlotte, Career Development Grant
  • Margaret Hyneman, UNC-Chapel Hill, Career Development Grant
  • Grassroots Leadership, Charlotte, Community Action Grant
  • Elizabeth Bucar, UNC-Greensboro, American Fellowship
  • Trenette T. Clark, UNC-Chapel Hill, American Fellowship
  • Jennifer Donnally, UNC-Chapel Hill, American Fellowship
  • Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz, UNC-Chapel Hill, American Fellowship
  • Kristin Johnson, Duke Univ., American Fellowship
  • Rhonda Jones, NC Central Univ., American Fellowship
  • Holly Worthen, UNC-Chapel Hill, American Fellowship
  • Florence Okoro, UNC-Chapel Hill, International Fellowship

This number of awardees, 14, is higher than in recent years  (2010-2011, 2009-2010) and is evidence of AAUW’s continued commitment to philanthropy and that its financial position is recovering from the economic downturn.

This is also good news for North Carolina, in particular. The state is fourth overall in the number of awards — behind CA (45), NY (26), and MA (16) — and third in the number of those awarded the prestigious American Fellowships for study at NC institutions — with 7, behind CA (15), and NY (8).

More details on the fellows (field, dissertation topic, project details, etc.) are normally released later in the year. In the meantime see for an overview of the fellowships and grants.