12/7/07 – 1/15/08

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Breaking news from the Legal Advocacy Fund
Important things are happening in LAF in North Carolina. To acknowledge the first case LAF has adopted from North Carolina and the first LAF speaker in North Carolina since 2003, we have established a $500 challenge grant (from donors, not AAUW NC) and encourage branches and individuals to make contributions to LAF by April 1. Please notify the AAUW NC Fundraising Chair Lill Van Order, lillvo@earthlink.net, if you send in a gift as part of this challenge — all contributors will be acknowledged at the convention in Greensboro. See https://svc.aauw.org/contribute/laf.cfml, login to the Member Services Database and use the contribution form there, or send your check through your branch or directly to the AAUW Development Office, P.O. Box 630832, Baltimore, MD 21263-0832. Please help us meet this challenge!


  • Kristen Galles to speak at NCCU, Jan. 22 (01/10/08) – Come hear this member of attorney advisory committee of LAF speak about the history of case selection and current cases.
  • VCR Alert: LAF on NBC News on Thursday (01/15/08) – A plaintiff from California is being interviewed as part of a series on pay equity.
  • Jennings v. UNC-CH is settled (01/15/08) – Ms. Jennings will receive payment from the University to cover “most” of her legal fees. This first case with a North Carolina plaintiff may set a new standard for dealing with sexual harassment in sports.




    • Dec. 2007 Message to Branch Presidents (12/31/07) – key items for your consideration



Public Policy


    • NGCP December and January e-newsletters (01/05/08) – webinars and more


    • Once more with feeling – RSS (01/05/08) – do consider how to add this tool to your kit to stay up to date with all manner of news


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