Cover of Fall 2015 The Simple Truth bookletEarlier this fall, AAUW released a special edition of their The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

They included a wealth of resources with that accessible booklet (which you can download from the web).

Extra information includes

More recently, we’ve noted Latina Equal Pay Day on October 14. What’s that? Well, while women in general need to work until about April 15 to earn what men did the previous year (and so there is lots of talk about Equal Pay in the spring), Latinas must work nearly 22 months to earn what men do in 12. The AAUW booklet discusses the mutliple burdens of gender, race and ethnicity — and here is a good article from the Washington Post that builds on AAUW information to lay out the problem in simple terms:

And here’s another article analyzing the current fair pay discussion and quoting AAUW’s Lisa Maatz: