Here are the tips on updating your branch bylaws for the mandatory 2013 changes — the handout at the March 29 meeting:

Mandatory Changes to Branch Bylaws

  • Do NOT need a vote of your branch
  • Do NOT need for sections and article numbering to match
  • Do NOT need to send to AAUW Governance Committee
  • Do need to go to website and get 3 memos (see below)
  • DO need to revise as asked by AAUW and the IRS
  • DO need to send to
  • DO need to send electronically by May 15th
  • May contact with questions or help

How to get the memos to help change your bylaws

  • Go to
  • Scroll to bottom of page
  • Click Member Tools
  • Log in with your member ID number and a password
  • Highlights will be in center of page
  • Click on AAUW Bylaws
  • Click on State and Branch Bylaws
  • See PDF of 2013 Mandatory Conformance Memo
  • Check out Recommended “Best Practice” Governance Guidance
  • Check out Other Mandatory Branch and State Bylaws Amendments 
  • Direct link: memo/ (but you must login to see that page)

See also Article on State Bylaws