AAUW of North Carolina is excited about all the STEM connections we made at the Bridging the Gap conference. The winners of the drawing were:

  • AAUW Mug: Katelyn Yarborough
  • AAUW Membership: Sarah Schober

To find the details on the October membership drive ($25 off the usual $65) membership, see the Tar Heel Branch website. We’d love to have you directly connected to AAUW STEM resources! If you missed stopping by the booth or want to share information with others electronically, here are links to what we shared:

STEM resources:

More AAUW Reports: see www.aauw.org/research

AAUW Membership – national

Other AAUW programs

The two AAUW members at the conference were Sandra McLaurin and Nancy Shoemaker. Find their contact information on the State Contacts page of this website.

Finally, here is the AAUW video about the national STEM programs: