Special thanks to Doris Bernlohr for making the arrangements for us to meet again at the Country Inn and Suites just off I-40 in the Burlington area.  Everyone seemed to be pleased with the facility last year, so why not return.  By Feb. you will receive all the details.

WANT TO KNOW HOW YOUR BRANCH DID IN AAUW FUNDRAISING FOR YEAR 2011?  Check the AAUW NC website.  Nancy posted this information for your viewing and for checking to make sure the information for your branch is correct. [Find that post: click here for 2011 fundraising totals by branch.]

IT’S MY VOICE AND I WILL BE HEARD  I’m sure some branches are involved in GOTV (Get Out the Vote) projects.  Remember that AAUW can not take a stand or support candidates, but we can speak out on issues that are part of our mission.  I like to describe us as non-partisan with an “issue attitude”.

NEEDED:  5 members from across the state to serve on the 2012-13 Nominating Committee.  This committee is usually appointed at the annual meeting, but we were so involved in our new structure that this got overlooked in the spring of 2012.  If you volunteer, you won’t be drafted!  If I don’t get any volunteers, the Executive Committee will have to appoint branches to have someone from their branch serve on this committee.  We will need to have the slate by early March as we need to give the members a 30 day notice before voting.   This committee will put together a slate for the year 2013-14.  The AAUW year starts July 1, 2013 and goes to June 30th 2014.

MEMBERSHIP ALERT  All branch members who do not renew their membership by November 30 will be removed from the AAUW membership list.

If you want a PDF to share: October E-newsletter for branch presidents (PDF)