April 8- May 2, 2008

Thanks to all who made the 2008 Convention such a success! There are still some reports, pictures, and summaries to post, but you’ll find a lot of information below!

Reminder: the deadline for the Tar Heel News is May 23. There’s already a preliminary list of articles. Post your information in time to get it distributed to all — or e-mail to editor@aauwnc.org. (Apologies, but if there’s something in your branch newsletter that’s of general interest, please do mail it separately — or post it! — to be sure it’s considered for the state newsletter.)

Convention Highlights

Other AAUW NC News

Public Policy

  • Updates for May 6 Election (04/28/08) – links to voter guides and other information
  • Call Sen. Dole about the Fair Pay Act (04/22/08) – unfortunately, these calls did not sway her on this vote

Branch annual reports
It’s not too late to submit your own — either e-mail to me or post directly.

Other Branch News


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