Legislative Priorities 2021-2023

PDF AAUWNC supports the following: COVID Relief: Increased access to health care including Medicaid Expansion, reproductive health care, COVID vaccines, etc. Stimulus payments directly to individuals to include extended unemployment duration and payment to individuals. Restore/expand unemployment benefits including child care subsidies. Paid sick/family/medical leave for all including paid days off for a new child…

Board Minutes from February 2021

Meeting Date: February 17, 2021 Meeting Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm Meeting Location: via Zoom call Board Members Present: Kathy Pearre; Janet Bunger; Pat Ashe; Wendy Haner; Laura Garmendia; Lena Murrill-Chapman; Adrienne Stuckey; Cheryl Wheaton; Margie Maddox; Christi Whitworth, Jane Terwillegar, and Adrienne Stuckey Guest: Mary Ann Bents AAUW NC Board Meeting 02.17.2021 – Approved by Board